Still Graphics


Though not my specialty, I do work in still graphics through the use of Adobe Photoshop CS5, with help from Microsoft PowerPoint. I began creating still work through Ulead GIF Animator 5, GIMP 2 and Sony Vegas 7, only really dabbling in the genre for the purpose of creating cover art for my songs. But after taking Digital Art, taught by Baton Rouge-area graphic designer David Gallop, I have gained broader knowledge with Photoshop.

Cover Art

These are icons used for my music uploads on YouTube, with more of them being update and added over time. Click the thumbnails for more information on each cover.

Collages and Illustrations

These are class assignments using Adobe Photshop and Illustrator.

"Perk Up", 2012 by Javan H.

Perk Up, 2012

Made in Photoshop, this collage is a message to myself: stay positive.

"The Huntress", 2012 by Javan H.

The Huntress, 2012

Made in Illustrator, this is a traced photo of Hunter Tylo from the opening to CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. The source image was usedΒ from 1993 until her character’s initial “death” in 2002. Tylo played Dr. Taylor Hayes.

"If You Design, They Will Come", 2012 by Javan H.

If You Design, They Will Come, 2012

Made in Photoshop and Illustrator, this collage is an advertisement adhering to the criteria of this final assignment. Its purpose is to showΒ off my work while also paying tribute to those that I have done work for.



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