Ultimate Louisiana Party Tour

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Ultimate Louisiana Party, 2015

I spent roughly six months working on a now-shelved television project, which would ultimately lead to a connection with Blues and Reggae artist Henry Turner, Jr. In January, I designed a PSA for his Ultimate Louisiana Mardi Gras Party, serving as the “soft launch” of Studio 7, the JAVAN H. virtual set. Impressed by the design, he later asked me to create ads for the Ultimate Louisiana Party Tour, airing in Houston and Austin, TX. Impressed by that, he later requested a generic ad to air in the Baton Rouge market.

The Design

The first ad was sprung on me with little notice, but I still managed to knock it out of the park. I was given graphics–flyers–to place in the ad, which would provide the color scheme beyond the traditional purple, yellow/gold and green for Mardi Gras. I applied this same principle to the Tour ads, adhering to a “grunge film” theme. Mr. Turner wanted a lively festival feel, so I knew that film grain, burns and ‘damaged film’ effects were the way to go. In the end, it was a hit.



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