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‘MyScene TV’ Sizzle Reel

So I have to revisit the story about my old job: library, 2012 to 2014, unsafe, dead-end, whaa-whaa-whaa, blah-blah-blah, bore-bore-bore… Well, it was the summer of 2013 while putting up my laundry when I was flipping channels (sound familiar?), and landed on this interesting-looking show on Ch. 16. It was hosted by a guy and a girl, and went by the name of MyScene TV, clearly a play on the station it aired on.

I’m known for the ideas stewing in my mind, hence this grandiose website. On top of that, I was literally clawing for a way out of the hole I was trapped in. In this case, I came out of my comfort zone by emailing the showrunner, a guy by the name of Kent B., asking if his team had any job openings. I even mentioned my Javan Does Baton Rouge blogs, as the show served as inspiration. Unfortunately, no luck, so I went back to the drawing board.

Six months later, January 2014, I heard from Kent again. He needed a new virtual set, and knew that I would be just the person to do it. Naturally, he was correct! However, I did manage to piss off a lot of people in the process. You see, when I want something bad enough, when I’m truly passionate and focused on something, the blinders are on. I was willing to go over my vacation time–it was an acceptable risk. I was willing to miss a few days of school–it was an acceptable risk. I even had a small tiff with a homeless man and nearly hit a baby carriage (accidentally) because I had to get home to get back to work. A broadcast that airs in the biggest markets in the state made a very important request from me, and my long sought-after career would depend on it; MyScene TV would be my first major client, and my first foray in the TV industry.

I…could not…eff…this…up.

Over the course of two weeks, I nailed it. Through the communication with MSTv production, I ended up making two sets, the latter of which would be used for the events calendar. In it features footage looking down Fourth Street from the Capitol. I got that footage around 8pm after work. As I pulled up, I saw a biker coming down Spanish Town. That’s when I hurried up and put my old SD camcorder on my truck’s windowsill, to catch him just him time. Ergo, “the most famous biker in Baton Rouge.” My virtual set debuted in March 2014, much to the approval of WAFB, while the events calendars replayed throughout the day on all of WAFB’s sister stations.

Fast-forward to summer 2014, and my designs are a hit. However, MyScene TV would eventually go on hiatus during season break. During that time, Kent B.’s ten-year-old concept would become a franchise, spinning off MyScene TV: New Orleans and MyScene TV: Dallas, the latter coming to TV in the fall. During this time, I would also provide updates to the show’s website before becoming a part of production…

Javan H.: Visual Graphics Director.

That brings us to where we are now.

MSTv Profiles: 2015 Louisiana International Film Festival

May 2015–I co-produced this segment at Perkins Rowe, using one of Kent’s Canon Vixia camcorders.

MSTv Profiles: U4RIA

June 2015–I shot and produced this interview at The Varsity Theatre. The headliner: U4RIA, featuring Dr. Rani Whitfield, the Hip-Hop Doc. For this one, I got to use Kent’s Canon XH-A1S for the first time. I’m lucky in that I’m experienced with DSLRs; for all intents and purposes, they’re mini broadcast cameras. But like a car, or a car to a pick-up in this case, they all handle differently.

MSTv Events Calendar

I call myself “Fan to Man.” Not only do I tend to go from being a fan of a show to being a part of it in some way, but I give it a special je ne sais quoi that’s unparalleled. In essence, I have a love of rebranding. Part of MSTv’s rebranding came in the form of a new events calendar. You see, Kent’s vision for the show goes back to old MTV. With that in mind, I remembered a design I saw on MTV2 some time ago, serving as inspiration for this new template.

So I’ve mentioned new interviews, I’ve shown you a new calendar and three new branches are being added to the franchise, officially making it an international broadcast. With all of that said, what else is in store for MyScene TV? Well…let’s just say that more big things are coming.

Watch this space…

Interviews and full-length episodes are available online at youtube.com/MySceneTVLA. ‘MyScene TV‘ is slated to return to the Baton Rouge air this fall, in line with the broadcast debut of ‘MyScene TV: Dallas.’

MyScene TV: All Things Entertainment Around the World.



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