MyScene TV

MyScene TV, 2014-

My very first client in Baton Rouge, MyScene TV is an entertainment show produced by Kent B. for WAFB’s sister station WBHX. MSTv is the #1 independently-produced TV in the capital city, and has been on the air since 2007.

Angry and clawing for a way out of my old job, I shot MyScene TV an email asking if they had any jobs or internships available. I had no such luck, but a year later, I heard back from them. In January 2014, I was asked to design a new virtual set, and my design made its debut that February. I developed two sets, with the second one being used for MyScene TV‘s periodical calendars. These calendars air several times nightly on Raycom stations throughout southeast Louisiana.

I now serve as an executive producer, a segment producer and the visual graphics producer.

MyScene TV can be found at, as well as my official page for it here.



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