Dr. Banks’ Hair Revolution

JAVAN H. does not endorse or guarantee this product, information or service, and is not liable for its accuracy, availability or quality. Any opinion shared on this website does not reflect those of the client.

These opinions and creations are my own.

Dr. Banks’ Hair Revolution (30-second), 2015

July 2015–season 7 of MyScene TV is almost ready to hit the air. One of our new talent introduced us to Dr. Raynando Banks, a family practitioner who was looking to advertise is product Dr. Banks’ Hair Revolution. It’s a hair restoration formula for those who suffer alopecia, MPB and other types of hair loss. During the meeting, all that kept playing in my head was ‘Proactiv…PROACTIV.’ Within minutes, I had already developed a voiceover, a shooting script and a theme. This would be my first full production under the MSTv umbrella. But because of what I had come up with, as well as the technique I had in mind, I went solo.

The Production

Filming for Dr. Banks’ Hair Revolution took place over six weeks, capturing roughly one muse a week. The ladies, clients of Dr. Banks, ranged from their 20s to their 70s, and were styled by MSTv’s newest addition, Krystal Parker. She also provided the voice-over. Going with the ‘Proactiv’ theme, I chose Arsenal Park as the filming location. Of course, this is a hair product. However, it’s a product that, according to their testimonials, was life-changing, causing a dramatic boost in their confidence.

I treated the sessions less like a commercial and more like a magazine shoot, capturing their radiance however possible.

The Design

Dr. Banks’ color is purple, as reflected in his product. In addition, the logo itself features skeletal forumlae, all of which would be incorporated into the final design. Also, I might or might not have taken a page from the BRCC Today playbook in some ways…

Dr. Banks’ Hair Revolution (60-second), 2016

Lauded by Dr. Banks, as well as a major salon in the area, these ads aired in the Baton Rouge market, as well as in Mississippi.



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