On-Air and Voice Talent


In 2002 at age 13, Papie, my grandfather, got me my first camcorder. In 2008, then 19, I thought up the idea of starting my own video blog series on YouTube. JJH Vlog was launched January 2009, and it was my outlet to share my unique broadcast designs, as well as my staunch opinions, mainly about life, entertainment and politics. Mind you, Barack Obama had just gotten elected and its fallout was immediate. Bored of the spamming, the trolling and even the good stuff that came with it, JJH Vlog was scrapped that October.

I returned in 2012 with another series, all while being involved in other YouTube channels. But due to school and work, I was no longer able to commit. Fast-forward to 2015, and I decided to turn my Javan Does Baton Rouge blogs into a video series. It was a hit with anyone who’s seen it, as well as local businesspeople. This series would later be featured on Kent B.’s MyScene TV, which would then propel me from co-executive producer to host.

“MyScene TV” episode #707, 2015

My second episode as host, featuring LaTangela Fay of MAX 94.1. In it was my first local interview, James Jacobs of Magpie Cafe’.

This would garner more approval from the show’s former hosts, LaTangela herself and the viewers alike, upping my confidence and interest in being on-air talent. Much like my video blogs, I eventually got into my own flow and established my own style and delivery, also drawing inspiration from actor Tim Williams, the Trivago guy. In essence, it was like getting on the bicycle again for the first time, all of it coming back to me.

“MyScene TV” episode #708, 2016

Hosting MyScene TV is quite the excuse for me to experiment with outfits, going for a sporty look for the in-studio bumps. Fun times with LaTangela, this is easily one of my favorite shoots.

“MyScene TV” episode #803, 2016

I’ve been looking for macarons in Baton Rouge since 2010 when I first saw them on The Real Housewives. Upon learning about Tredici Bakery & Cafe’ on Facebook, I did my usual scouting. A firm believer in ethics, scouting is when I try out a business or product before remotely giving any kind of “endorsement,” especially in the form of a TV interview…

Clearly impressed, I made a blooper video of the shoot below:

MSTv is an interview show. But because of the content and the that the show is more of a business showcase, I’ve begun filming my actual segments as profiles, in which the guests promote themselves and their products however they see fit. However, these are a few segments in which I served as interviewer:

“MyScene TV” Highlight: North Baton Rouge, 2016

“MyScene TV” Profile: Smoothies-N-Things LSU, 2016

“MyScene TV” Interview: Y’zell Williamson and Varla Jean Merman, 2016

Thus far, MyScene TV has been my first and only on-air project, in which I’ve been hosting the decade-old broadcast for a year as of November 2016. However, I’ve made various appearances in the Baton Rouge area, which can be seen here.


In doing MyScene TV, I’ve also gained the opportunity to do voice-over work. I’ve voiced numerous ads for the show, the biweekly Instagram promos and several interview segments and developing my own technique. I currently work at a TV station with some of the best-respected newspeople in the area, and I’ve been able to put what I’ve learned to use.

“MyScene TV” Profile: Pelican Capworks, 2016

This was a complete voice-over package with Louisiana-based artist Ian Vandenberg.

Voice-overs were added to fill in missing interview questions in these next two videos, as well as additional information.

“MyScene TV” Profile: LA2LA Designs, 2016

“MyScene TV” Profile: Everything Philly, 2016

See and hear more below, as well as in the playlists:

“MyScene TV” episode #802 Promo, 2016