This Is Houston: Imperial Garden Chinese Cuisine

I love Chinese food, specifically Shrimp Fried Rice. It’s even been my election night tradition for the past fourteen years, usually with fried chicken wings and/or boneless spare ribs. Before moving to Houston, I was a regular at Gold Bowl, sort of a hole-in-the-wall in Baton Rouge on the corner of Airline Hwy. and Lobdell … Continue reading This Is Houston: Imperial Garden Chinese Cuisine


A Rainy Day in Houston

It all started in May of 2017. Actually, it’s more like June of 1995 or the fall of 2013. But let’s just stick with May of 2017… My parents and goddaughters took a trip to Houston to visit my step-uncle for his son’s birthday party. For my eldest goddaughter, it was sheer and utter dread; … Continue reading A Rainy Day in Houston

Javan Does Baton Rouge — CC’d: Coffee House

This is the fourth broadcast of #JavanDoesBatonRouge, as I try the vanilla Mochasippi from CC's Coffee House in the heart of Downtown Baton Rouge. Chicken Shack (most popular!) | Toodaloo Shrimp | Red Beans @ The Roux House | The Gilded Lily CC's Coffee House is a chain of cafés launched by Baton Rouge-based Community Coffee. I'm … Continue reading Javan Does Baton Rouge — CC’d: Coffee House

Dream Log: 9-23-15–My Scene. MINE!

9-23-15 11.54am The dream opens, and I’m shooting the breeze with Ken, LSU coach Les Miles and Todd Graves, founder of Raising Cane’s. We were at the RiverCenter, resembling the Superdome, filming “in-studio” segments for MyScene TV. Naturally, we were waiting on our reporter, who’s often late. Todd stepped out for a bit, which led … Continue reading Dream Log: 9-23-15–My Scene. MINE!

June 26th in History…

It's huge knowing that for the second time, two years apart, my birthday is a massively historic day in American history.   Same-sex marriage is legal. Here's what it means for couples: — CNN (@CNN) June 26, 2015 #BREAKING: Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage nationwide. — WAFB (@WAFB) June 26, 2015   … Continue reading June 26th in History…

Javan Does Baton Rouge — Chicken Shack

This is the third broadcast of #JavanDoesBatonRouge, as I bring you to the Delpit family's legendary Chicken Shack. Toodaloo Shrimp | Red Beans @ The Roux House | The Gilded Lily | TJ Ribs Chicken Shack was founded in 1935 by Thomas H. Delpit, and is native to the Old South Baton Rouge neighborhood. Now celebrating their 80th anniversary, Chicken … Continue reading Javan Does Baton Rouge — Chicken Shack

Javan Does Baton Rouge — Red Beans @ The Roux House

For nearly two years, I've hosted #JavanDoesBatonRouge right here on my website. But now as a broadcaster, it only made sense to bring the blog to video, something I'll call a "community broadcast." Same theme, same purpose, #JDBR remains my own little way of exploring my home of ten years--a booming city I long overlooked. I have … Continue reading Javan Does Baton Rouge — Red Beans @ The Roux House

Baton Rouge; The South’s Barcelona

Yeah, I know, all my post up until know have been about Baton Rouge. Don’t worry there will be post that branch out, but I’m someone who likes to focus on solving problems or celebrating positives for the places I’m in. Right now I live in Baton Rouge and so my post will primarily focus on solving greater urban problems, but using Baton Rouge as a primary subject.

For close to half a year I have lived in this fantastic city recently catapulted to national attention with the high successful Miss USA 2014 Pageant. In that space of time I have fallen in love with this city and will certainly continue to visit it after I leave. The people are very friendly and kind, they take pride in their city and culture. It’s something very unique and special.

It’s it’s atmosphere that truly makes it a shinning gem in a…

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