A title card for my YouTube blog series showing off my new toy.

Very intuitive, I definitely have strong opinions. I love to debate fairly, but I tend to stand strong by my convictions nonetheless. That’s why I use this space to speak my mind. Here, I’ll talk about anything from the local Baton Rouge scene, to psychology, to graphic design, to the latest TV shows, all for the purpose of keeping a conversation going.

hated writing during the first part of high school, over a decade ago, as novels bored me to death. But after some motivation in AP English IV, I took a gradual interest in writing. This hobby grew more intense throughout English 101 and reached its peak in English 102, never making lower than a 95A on my papers. I was known for my punchy theses, but even more so for the length of my papers. This comes from the fact that I was deeply into journalism, considering a career in it at the time. But alas, it remains a hobby, which brings me to where I am now.

Feel free to scour through these really old musings. They may be lengthy, but I promise that there’s something for everyone. Also featured is the original Javan Does Baton Rouge series of blogs about my favorite things in the Baton Rouge area.


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