A title card for my YouTube blog series showing off my new toy.

hated writing during the first part of high school–let’s just say a LONG time ago–as novels bored me to death. But after some motivation in AP English IV, I took a gradual interest in writing. This hobby grew more intense throughout English 101 and reached its peak in English 102, never making lower than a 95A on my papers. I was known for my punchy theses, but even more so for the length of my papers. This comes from the fact that I love journalism.

These entries are years old, and likely don’t reflect my current ideologies and what-have-you. But feel free to scour through these musings nonetheless. They may be lengthy, but I promise that there’s something for everyone. Also featured is the original Javan Does Baton Rouge series of blogs about my favorite things in the Baton Rouge area.



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